Mon 1.07.13
Fri 5.07.13

The End of Personality


The End of Personality - a workshop by VA

The end of personality is a series of actions, interventions and artistic research methods developed and guided by Various Artists. During five days a program will be presented to the participants that deals with themes like authorship, multiple personality syndrome, default identity, and co-creation. Different Various Artists will guide the participants through research and interactive activities on several locations. The workshop is site-specific and the local context will be defining the content. 


Various Artists are a collective of 24 artists who for the last four years opened themselves up to be embodied by different physical persons. The artistic content that each artist creates belongs to the Various Artist, but the physical work can differ from owner. The complex and fragmented nature of VA's work deals with identity, artistic practice, and Gesamtkunst. 

The workshop aims to question in different ways artistic identity. Working methods, group sessions, and co-artistic concepts are examples of activities where personality will be tackled.