Sat 24.11.12
Sat 24.11.12

Fiesta del Maiz y Maguey


The Euroaxacan Initiative of Transformative Cultures warmly invites you to:


Fiesta del Maize y Maguey, Gathering and Exhibition Opening


Saturday, November 24th 2012 11:00


Auditorium of the Cultural Centre Santo Domingo and Ehtnobotanic Garden of Oaxaca



This Fiesta summons research and explorations done around corn and agave, two plants deeply embedded in Mexican culture. During the gathering, experts and artists are sharing their practice and reflections around these plants and providing a frame for the exhibit.

The show opens with a concert “El maguey y otros árboles”, followed by snack and a guided tour through the exhibition in the ethnobotanic garden.

The presented pieces engage, in direct and indirect ways, with Maize and Maguey, and represent ongoing investigations and artistic processes.