Fri 1.12.17
Fri 1.12.17

2nd WABook-Printing with hans Andreas R.


hans Andreas R. is currently in residency in dinA to design his chapter for the 2nd WABook about the work 'passagen'.
On Friday 1 December we invite you all for an informal gathering to talk about "the trouble with passagen".

“the trouble with passagen”
The piece “passagen” consists of a wooden construction that is heavy and big. A lot of manpower needed to relocate it.
After being placed in the courtyard of Workspace Brussels, passagen needs to find a new permanent home. 
The question is now where to place this construction and how to approach this relocation. hans Andreas R. wants to open this phase of the project to others, and connect the question with the way old civilisations built cultural structures. 


Wandering Arts Biennial (WAB) is a research and production biennial, that focuses on mobility, aberrant production and presentation formats and nomadic practices of artists.
Because many artists and creative thinkers use mobility, nomadism and temporality as an instrument or creative method in their artistic practice, nadine created WAB in as an open platform where work can be shown, shared and communicated in an independent context.
Each WAB edition introduces artistic researches and projects. The following year is dedicated to post-production and the making of a publication, that comiles the actual state of (ongoing) WAB researches. The 2nd WABook gathers all all projects presented during Wandering Arts Biennial 2016.